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Public Liability

Injured in a Public Place?

It happens suddenly and unexpectedly and can turn your life upside down. Pubic place accidents include injuries that happened:

  • At your local shopping centre;
  • On Council property;
  • As a result of a defective product;
  • On someone else’s property or in their home;
  • Whilst working as a contractor on a job site;
  • As a result of a recreational activity, i.e. horse riding;

A public place accident can be a very traumatic experience and the injuries you sustain can result in significant financial losses including loss of income and costly upfront medical and treatment expenses.

If you have been injured in a public place and the accident was not your fault you may be entitled to compensation from the public liability insurer.

We can Help

One Law have a team of expert compensation lawyers who can help guide you through the legal process to make a claim and obtain the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

There are strict time limits that apply to making a claim. It’s important to get legal advice as soon as you can to ensure your claim is made correctly and on time.

The steps below explain how we can help you.

We make it simple

Our personal injury law team is here to help. We would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with one of our lawyers by completing the online enquiry form below or by calling us on free call 1800 ONE LAW (663 529).


Meet with us

We will meet with you at a time and place that is convenient for you. We will discuss the circumstances of your public place accident and explain to you what entitlements to compensation you might have and how we will go about progressing the claim for you.


Focus on your recovery

While you are focusing on your treatment and recovery we are busy investigating the accident and notifying the public liability insurer of the incident. We will request information such as photographs, incident reports, witness statements and CCTV camera footage of the incident.


Gathering information

When your injuries become stable, we will begin gathering information about your injuries and treatment. We will use this information to maximise the compensation you may be able to receive.


Medical assessment

We will arrange for you to be assessed by an expert doctor. The doctor will provide us with a report containing helpful information about your injuries to submit to the insurer to ensure you achieve the best result possible from your claim.



Once we have gathered all the information we require about your accident, injuries and your likely future needs, we will request that a settlement conference take place with the insurer. At this conference your claim may settle and if it does, you will receive your compensation within about 6-12 weeks after your settlement date.

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