Child Support

Child Support is usually calculated by the Department of Human Services using a formula which considers each parent’s income, the children’s age/s, the needs of the children, and the amount of care each parent provides.

When one or both parties wish to agree to an alternate calculation of child support, this can be done either informally or made binding by an agreement which is filed in Court.

Whilst the emotional turmoil of an ending relationship may be difficult, a child support agreement can be taken care of with the assistance of one of our family law lawyers.

We can Help

At One Law we understand that this is a very difficult time in your life. Our priority is to resolve your matter as quickly as possible with the least cost and fuss to you.

The steps below explain how we can help you.

We make it simple

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Meet With Us

We will spend time listening and understanding your individual circumstances and confirm your instructions that you wish to proceed with an agreement regarding child support. We will commence completing the relevant documentation with you.


Put the plan in writing and lets talk

After we meet, we will put together the documentation for you to review and consider. It’s now time to show this application to your ex-spouse for their consideration and signature.


Negotiate the final terms

Generally, as long as the parties are agreeable to the child support agreement, within a short space of time we should be able to complete the application which is then forwarded to the Court for processing (if you would prefer it to be binding) or for storage (if you are content to keep the agreement less formal).


Apply to the court for consent orders

If you so choose, we can then apply to the Court to formalise the agreement. This will be a departure from the child support assessment usually made by the government. We will finalise relevant documentation and file it with the Court. After the Court processes the documentation the Court will confirm that the agreement has been approved and is now binding.


Apply to the court for final orders

There are times unfortunately when a child support agreement is opposed to by one of the parties. If this occurs then it will be necessary to attend a Court hearing regarding the application to determine whether it is reasonable that a departure from the usual child support assessment calculated by the Government should be approved.

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