Selling a Property

Discuss your property with a few real estate agents so that you may get a range of opinions concerning its value. A contract for sale with certain documents must be made available for prospective purchasers.

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Selling a Property

Discuss your property with a few real estate agents so that you may get a range of opinions concerning its value. A contract for sale with certain documents must be made available for prospective purchasers.

Call Us: 02 9119 2232
————  01. OVERVIEW

The Process

The selling process is made up of the following steps:

  • Agreeing to a sale price and the contract for sale;
  • Exchange of contracts;
  • Before settlement preparation and procedures;
  • Day of settlement exchange of documents and cheques;
  • Post settlement procedures and notifications;

We Can Help

One Law have a team of expert property lawyers who can help guide you through the legal process to sell your home or other property.

It’s important to get legal advice as soon as you can so that you are you are provided with all the information you need to ensure that the sale takes place smoothly.

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    ———— 03. HOW WE CAN HELP YOU

    We Make it Simple

    01. Meet With Us

    Appoint a real estate agent and check with your mortgagee for a loan payout and advise them that you are considering selling. If you do not have a mortgage, locate your Certificate of Title as it is required for settlement. Contact us so we can prepare the contract for sale. Work with your agent to market the property and find a buyer.

    02. Preparing the Contract for Sale

    Prospective purchasers will contact your real estate agent who will help you negotiate on price and special conditions. You will need to allow access to the property for the purchaser to conduct valuations and pest and building inspections. The final contract will be the one that is signed by each party and exchanged.

    Identical copies of the contracts are signed and dated by you and the purchaser and physically exchanged. The purchaser will pay a 10% deposit or balance of the holding deposit already paid to the agent if applicable. It is at this time that the contract becomes binding.

    03. Exchange the Contract

    Advise your mortgagee on the sale so that they can start preparing discharge documents to be available at settlement. Plan to vacate the property and take all of your personal items away before the settlement date. Make arrangements at least 2 weeks before settlement regarding utility disconnections (telephone, gas, electricity, water, internet and pay tv etc…).

    04. Preparing for Settlement

    Make sure you have completely removed your belongings and left the property prior to the time of settlement. Ensure the property is left in a reasonable condition. During settlement we will give to the purchaser’s representatives the Certificate of Title, Transfer document and a Discharge of Mortgage (if applicable) in exchange for bank cheque/s for the sale price. Ensure you can be contacted easily for any last minute questions we may have and wait for us to contact you to confirm that settlement has occurred.

    05. Settlement

    Review our final letter of advice and confirmation of settlement. We will notify relevant organisations (such as the Council) that you are no longer the owner of the property.

    ————  04. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY

    Our reputation for support, and our dedication to your success is the reason we continue to grow

    I would like to thank the team at One Law for all their help and support. It is very much appreciated. You have been fantastic to deal with from the beginning and have worked hard to help us get a great result. We would highly recommend you to others...

    Michael S.

    I just want to thank One Law Blacktown for all there assistance. My experience with the team especially Marina was second to none. Marina’s professionalism and tentative nature made my experience a while lot easier. She is precise and patient. Thank you for all your hard work Marina I couldn’t have gone on this journey without you. With all her hard work she managed to get my family and I the outcome we deserved. I also want to thank James for his support.

    Rasha Baroudi

    Cynthia did an absolutely amazing job, our conveyancing was a little challenging to say the least, however, she carried herself professionally all the way through and proved herself to be very valuable.

    Chad H.

    Marina Azer, was my lawyer at One Law. She was very efficient, professional, swift, and honest. She won my case and I was very happy with the outcome.

    I would highly recommend her.

    Danny Corleon

    I was very impressed with their commitment and desire to provide me with the best outcome at court. Their experience and knowledge was reflected in my overall outcome and I will always be grateful for their hard work. A very big thank you to James, Janine and the team.

    Katie Kramer

    Very helpful and professional. Mr Sina has given me a detailed legal advice free of charge. Thank you Sina.

    Truth Seeker

    Great people fast and efficient. Treat people with respect. A job well done.
    Thanks guys.

    George Khouri

    Very happy with OneLaw Group very Professional gave me a lot of advice and very happy with the outcome. If I need help with something i will go back to OneLaw, thanks Daniel.

    Dr Chan

    Cynthia was very helpful with the settlement of our land. Though we ran into some issues, she ensured we didn’t stress and explained the process to us throughout and worked with us and our broker to get us over the line. Very pleased with the outcome, so thanks to her.

    Jaber Shah

    Thanks Mary for everything. One Law has been so helpful during my case. I have never had to seek out a solicitor/lawyer before and One Law has made my first experience a smooth. During the final stages of my case, Mary was there every step of the way. Thanks again!

    Timothy Zheng
    ————  05. OUR TEAM

    Your Property & Conveyancing Law Specialists

    At One Law, we understand that every case is different, and we take the time to get to know your situation. We are your local lawyers with access to resources in all states, so you know your case is in good hands no matter where you are in Australia. Meet our Property and Conveyancing Law Specialists.

    James Saba


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    Geetha Sanderan

    Managing Associate

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    Cynthia El Mokdsi


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    Sina Shokouhi


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    Violet Saba


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    Tammy Edwards

    Office Manager

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    ————  06. WHAT ELSE WE DO

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