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Masood Salehi


“I empower families through my legal expertise and compassion during their time of need.”

I hold a double degree in a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Business and Commerce and currently undertaking my Masters of Applied Law specialising in Family Law. I am a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Courts of Australia.

I was fortunate enough to gain experience in various areas of law throughout my professional career. At One Law, I work exclusively in all areas of Family Law and have developed unparalleled expertise in handling a wide array of matters including acting for high net worth and high-profile clients, matters involving international properties, and businesses and companies in complex financial matters. I also have a wide range of experience in parenting matters including child relocation, serious child abuse or family violence allegations, spousal maintenance, and child support disputes.

Whilst I am a relentless advocate, I am dedicated to keeping my client’s disputes from reaching the Courts by way of negotiation, mediation, and alternate family dispute resolution. I understand that legal matters involving family can be emotionally challenging and at times, clients are at their most vulnerable. I make it a priority to provide a supportive and empathetic environment for my clients to advance their rights and interests.

I pursued a career in law to guide families through complex family law matters with an unwavering commitment to achieving my client’s the best possible outcome at One Law.

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