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Rita Seif


“At One Law, the team bands together to help and support our clients in difficult times.”

I am currently completing a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Commerce. I am thrilled to have joined One Law in 2018.

My previous involvement with the Victims and Witnesses of Crime Court Support has instilled within me a deep sense of empathy. I understand that our clients are often going through difficult times and what they need from their legal team is a relationship built on trust and understanding.

My role is to help the team progress our clients matters to resolution and that involves many different tasks including meeting our clients to discuss their matter and gather information, preparing various documents and applications and keeping our clients informed of the progress.

I am motivated and determined to do great things in my legal career but most importantly to help those clients in need achieve brilliant results. I look forward to continuing to grow and build upon my legal skills whilst working alongside the team at One Law.

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