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After getting injured in a car accident, your actions can have an influence on whether you will receive money for damages. When consulting an auto accident lawyer, they will ask you what you did and did not do after the accident. To build the best case for you, avoid these five mistakes after an accident:

Not Calling the Police

While an officer does not work for you, the evidence they collect may help your case. They will provide evidence such as witness statements and photographs that are valuable to your lawyer. Police officers also create a crash report that details all aspects of the crash. If you do not call the police, your insurance company may grow suspicious of your actions.

Admitting Guilt

Even a simple apology can be turned against you. After an accident, you may feel bad about what happened, so you say sorry to the other party. However, they can tell the jury that you apologized for the accident, putting you at fault. It is best to simply keep quiet and contact a lawyer.

Leaving Out Parts of the Story

Your lawyer needs to know every single part of the accident, including your story. If you neglect to tell the whole story, your case will not be as strong due to inconsistencies. If there are some bad parts that may put you at blame, talk to your lawyer so they can best prepare a case for you.

Filing a Case Too Late

Some states have time limits on filing a case. You may find that your insurance company is holding you back on filing. This is to help them keep the money that you deserve in their own pockets. Act quickly and do not waste time.

Accepting a Traffic Ticket

If you get a traffic ticket due to the accident, you need to fight it. It may seem easier to just pay the fine. However, the court will see you accepting the ticket as guilt on your part, and you can lose your case. Have your auto accident lawyer represent you in court.

In Conclusion

Simple actions can quickly change the outcome of a case. The most important thing to do is to contact a lawyer and follow their advice. This will help you get the compensation you need to move on after the accident and injury.