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Our client Jackson was employed as a security guard at a Hospital for 15 years. After his employment was terminated for alleged misconduct, he made a workers compensation claim for a psychological injury.

The insurer declined his claim alleging that the employer’s actions were reasonable.
After consulting with the workers compensation lawyers at One Law, we found out that Jackson was severely targeted and harassed by his manager and co-workers before the termination.

Our team investigated and obtained several witness statements from his work colleagues that confirmed he was bullied, harassed and humiliated because of his age and race. We also gathered evidence from a psychiatrist that showed Jackson was suffering a significant psychological injury.

On behalf of Jackson, we filed an application with the Workers Compensation Commission. We argued that Jackson was in fact bullied and harassed and that the termination was not genuine but rather an excuse to get rid of him. The actions of the employer were found to be unreasonable and eventually the insurer agreed to pay Jackson a $46,500 lump sum payment.

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