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Not all separations go smoothly the first-time round. This was the case with Tony after he tried to reach an agreement privately with his wife, without first receiving legal advice. Tony’s ex-wife was legally represented during the initial discussion. Soon after the application was filed in the Family Court, it was rejected on the basis that the deal seemed unfair to the husband and also due to the fact that he did not receive legal advice before signing the agreement.

It was then that Tony came to see the family law team at One Law and in a short time, we were able to negotiate a fairer deal, which resulted in him walking away with double the property settlement sum that he was previously offered.

Often in circumstances like Tony’s, you may not always know what you might be entitled to in a property settlement. It’s always recommended to obtain legal advice before entering into negotiations so you know with certainty where you stand.

The team at One Law can assist with negotiations and settlement discussions to make sure you achieve a great result. Call us today on freecall 1800 663 529 to find out more.