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De facto separations can often bring about challenging times where one partner makes a decision that has a profoundly negative impact on the other. This was the case with our client Scott who came to us seeking legal advice after he found out his partner was trying to hide the fact that she was going to receive a significant inheritance from her late mother’s estate.
After careful scrutiny, seeking further disclosure about the inheritance and issuing relevant subpoenas, the other party agreed to our offer of settlement. This offer detailed that Tony would keep the former matrimonial home and for her to receive a small payout, on the basis that Tony knew she would land her inheritance in a short time.

Tony, who was already suffering from a work injury and financial burden, was provided a great deal of relief due to the family law settlement we achieved for him, in that he did not have to lose his home.

If you’re experiencing a breakup or divorce, it’s best to speak to the team at One Law today to discuss your options and entitlements.