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Our client Mark was injured during the course of his employment as a production/testing and inspection officer. His employer had instructed him to perform production and testing of wire rope and chain assemblies without the appropriate equipment, tools or assistance, and as Mark pulled a wire rope away from a winding machine, grease began to drip onto the floor causing him to lose his footing and fall backwards.

Mark’s health suffered greatly as a result of the incident, and not only was he rendered incapable of returning to work, but he also had to undergo surgery to fuse the damaged discs in his spine.

After learning more about Marks workplace environment, we came to understand that his employer was negligent, and had failed to uphold a duty of care to Mark. Knowing this, we were able to fight for compensation for Mark for loss of income and loss of superannuation for the past and the future.

Our dedicated team of specialists and solicitors experienced in workers compensation fought to settle the matter at the Workers Compensation Commission, resulting in $500,000.00 workers compensation settlement.

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