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Jack sought the assistance of our firm after having sustained an injury to his back while working at a recycling and waste management site. During his employment, Jack performed what seemed to be the simple task of lifting a television out of a vehicle for disposal, but he accidentally twisted his upper body prior to moving his feet, which resulted in severe injury to his back.

With only months to retirement, Jack was rendered unemployable after having to undergo multiple operations on his spine.

After learning of Jacks story, and hearing of the physical, emotional and financial strain this injury had on his life, we started to build a case for compensation.

Our first priority was Jacks physical and mental health, and after spending time with him, we quickly learned of the significant impacts this injury had on his ability to complete even the simplest of tasks. We also learned there wasn’t adequate workplace safety measures in place, and Jack was not given any formal training in how to properly lift heavy or ill-shaped objects, both of which could have easily prevented Jack from sustaining such an injury.

With an evident breach in their duty of care owed to Jack, our team of accredited and experienced specialists and solicitors put Jacks employer on notice of intention to pursue a Work Injury Damages claim.

We obtained expert evidence and acheived an outstanding result for Jack, by resolving the matter prior to commencing court proceedings. This resulted in $200,000.00 in compensation for Jack.

If you’ve been injured at work you may not always know what your legal rights are, and if compensation is possible. That’s why it’s important to speak to the dedicated team at One Law. We take the time to listen to your story, and we fight hard to win your case.