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Our client Samuel was doing his weekly grocery shop at his local supermarket. On this particular day, he walked along the bread aisle and grabbed a loaf of bread before heading towards the checkout counter through the fruit section. During the short walk to the counters, Samuel slipped and fell causing injuries to his neck, lower back and shoulders.

He consulted with the team at One Law Group and sought our assistance in helping him navigate his compensation claim. Initially, the Defendant argued that the accident was not captured on CCTV Footage, and they denied any liability for the claim. However, our team worked to uncover evidence which proved the accident occurred at the supermarket. This proved to be a crucial aspect in obtaining damages for our client.

Samuel was a pensioner with pre-existing injuries, and as such the case was quantified modestly, however, One Law Group took the same care and diligence as they would in any other case, ensuring a fair, just and desirable outcome.

If you’ve been injured in a public place, get in touch with the team at One Law Group today to discuss your legal rights and entitlements.