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Our client Sam, was an Iraqi migrant who had come to Australia to live a better life. He had put all his life’s savings into a number of different partnership businesses with a number of other partners.

It wasn’t long before some of these partners took advantage of Sam’s limited knowledge in business and the English language, and tried to exclude him from the business dealings.
Sam sought guidance from the team at One Law’s, and we soon discovered that these partnerships were not created in a formal manner, so proving they even existed was a challenge.

Our Commercial Lawyers conducted due diligence and gathered evidence, from bank statements to paperwork, and even text messages from our client’s mobile phone (which had to be translated from Arabic to English). This was all to commence proceedings in court to ensure Sam’s rights and entitlement in all the partnership businesses and assets were preserved.

Once the other partners saw that Sam had good legal support and representation behind him, we were able to successfully bring all parties to the table and start the process of negotiation to obtain a favourable result for Sam without having to go to court.