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Our client Nathan loaned a total of $6,000 to his friend, on the basis that it would be repaid within a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, this didn’t go to plan, and Nathan and his friend were unable to settle through negotiation.

Action was brought against his friend in the Local Court and eventually listed for a small claims hearing. Our team argued that several attempts were made to recover the total amount loaned, however those attempts were unsuccessful, and that Nathan’s friend had wasted the Courts time and resources by continuing to make frivolous statements.

We also argued that Nathan’s friend had intentionally misled the Court by making statements which contradicted other documents they had already filed in Court. Instead of repaying the loan as promised, Nathans friend was making unsubstantiated claims that resulted in Nathan incurring further legal costs to bring this claim forward.

We successfully won the case against Nathan’s friend, and Nathan was awarded judgement in his favour. Orders were made for the total amount loaned to be repaid, including interest on the total amount claimed. We were also able to claim the maximum amount of costs that can be ordered in a small claims matter.