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Our clients Scott and Holly decided to sell their first home. On the day settlement was due to occur, the purchaser completed their pre-settlement inspection and made unreasonable rectification requests which threatened to delay settlement.

One Law prepared the Contract of Sale which included Special Conditions that would protect Scott and Holly should this situation ever arise. When our firm expressed our intention to rely on those Special Conditions, the purchaser’s Solicitor argued that our clients were not providing vacant possession in accordance with contractual obligations.

Our team however respectfully drew the Purchaser’s Solicitors attention to the same case they cited and were able to prove that Scott and Holly had not breached their contractual obligation.

We reminded the Purchaser’s Solicitor that our client was ready, willing, and able to settle and their client would be in breach if settlement did not occur on that same day. Much to Scott and Hollys satisfaction, settlement was completed on time.